Dr Ariella Helfgott

Collaborative Futures

Honorary Research Fellow
Environmental Change Institute 
University of Oxford

Common Good Program Lead
Shell Scenario Team
Shell International

Dr Ariella Helfgott is an Experienced Senior Researcher with a demonstrated history of working across disciplines, sectors and social worlds to achieve sustainable and equitable futures. She is a Senior Research Fellow in the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and a member of Shell’s Scenario Team.

Ariella undertakes Multi-Actor Collaborative Action Research supporting sustainability transitions. Her research spans conceptual and mathematical modeling of system resilience and adaptability, through to participatory approaches to building resilience and adaptive capacity on-the-ground. Within the later, she brings together stakeholders across and within multiple decision-making levels and engages them in programs that develop strategic capacity, for example exploratory scenarios, visioning and back-casting and resilience-based planning.

She has extensive experience in the design, implementation and analysis of participatory planning, decision-aiding and capacity development programs in East and West Africa, South and South-East Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australia from community to national, regional and international scales.

Whilst formally trained as a mathematician and engineer, Ariella’s current work focuses on integrating technical-analytical, philosophical-hermeneutic and management-administrative disciplines to achieve sustainable and equitable futures.

She holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Adelaide.